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For 29 years, The Center for Leadership Innovation (TCLI)—a national nonprofit organization—has been dedicated to serving communities through society’s most valuable asset: its leaders. With a mission of using leadership workshops & training, peer consultant networks and funding opportunities, TCLI is helping diverse leaders reach their full potential and leverage their ability to bring about innovative change.


Message from the President

For centuries, America has been known around the world as the land of opportunity. Yet even as our nation has risen to become one of the most powerful and prosperous in history, some of our communities seem to be...Read More


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Celena Roldan, Executive Director,

Erie Neighborhood House


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Racial Equity & Closing the Educational Attainment Gap

TCLI convened 60 members of Latino Academy alumni and partners to explore the role of Latino-led nonprofits in bridging racial and ethnic divisions, addressing structural racism particulary in education, and promoting racial healing. More>
TCLI Creates Results

Our mission is to develop diverse leaders who envision, initiate and share breakthrough approaches to addressing society’s most challenging social issues.  

  • TCLI has developed over 20,000 urban and rural leaders who are achieving community-driven social change
  • Over 100 public and private sector funders have partnered with TCLI
  • Through our partnerships, TCLI has facilitated the delivery of over $125 million in awards and core support grants to hundreds of innovative community organizations
  • 64% of our graduates are people of color, and 77% are people of color or women
  • 90% of TCLI's alumni report having implemented an innovative approach to addressing a significant problem in their community.
  • 90% of our alumni report translating their lessons learned into fiscal success, with their organizations becoming financially stronger by the completion of the program