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Engaging diverse leaders to change the world in ways they never before dared.

For 29 years, The Center for Leadership Innovation (TCLI) has been dedicated to serving communities through society’s most valuable asset: its leaders. Through our workshops, networks and funding opportunities, we are helping diverse leaders to reach their full potential and leverage their ability to bring about innovative change.

Since our beginning in 1981 as the Development Training Institute (DTI), we have forged new relationships between the public and private sectors to support those engaged in community development and community building. In 2009, we renamed the organization to become The Center for Leadership Innovation because for years we have been a catalyst for innovative change at the community level in the United States and beyond.

Our programs have touched 20,000 urban and rural leaders who are achieving community-driven social change. We are dedicated to building a movement of diverse leaders and organizations that understand and are grounded in the communities they serve. Over 64% of our graduates are people of color, and 77% are people of color or women.

TCLI creates an open, candid, and energized learning community where new insights and breakthrough approaches for social change can emerge. 

We provide exposure to best practices, peer coaching and intensive leadership development programs that inspire current leaders and prepare the next generation to implement ideas that will revitalize communities and reinvent organizations.


Minnesota Class of 2009

Minnesota Latino Nonprofit Leadership Academy 

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"We participated in the leadership development sessions and looked around the room. Not only were the other organizations represented standouts in the nonprofit field, the training we were offered by TCLI was second to none. TCLI created a learning space where there were no egos getting in the way and where everyone there was eager to share what they knew and to learn what they didn't. Each time we attended a training, we came back home excited to share what we had learned."