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Jeff NugentJeff Nugent is President/CEO of The Center for Leadership Innovation (TCLI). Mr. Nugent has worked with a broad array of community organizations, financial institutions, government agencies and foundations.  He has created innovative strategies, funding vehicles, programs and development projects to assist hundreds of organizations to realize their goals.  In his 20 years at TCLI, Mr. Nugent has designed and conducted intensive executive leadership and management programs for thousands of community building practitioners, bankers and federal bank regulators, government officials and foundation executives.  These programs are known as some of the most effective tools in the social sector to enhance the leadership and management abilities of key individuals, thereby increasing the productivity of their organizations.

Mr. Nugent is recognized as a national expert on public/private/community partnerships, innovative private and government funding programs, comprehensive community building strategy, community development lending, organization development, program evaluation, leadership development programs, affordable housing and community economic development.

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"We participated in the leadership development sessions and looked around the room. Not only were the other organizations represented standouts in the nonprofit field, the training we were offered by TCLI was second to none. TCLI created a learning space where there were no egos getting in the way and where everyone there was eager to share what they knew and to learn what they didn't. Each time we attended a training, we came back home excited to share what we had learned."