At The Center for Leadership Innovation (TCLI), our mission is to cultivate and equip diverse leaders who will innovate and execute breakthrough approaches to transform lives and communities.

TCLI has an overarching commitment to racial justice and to social and economic equity.

We serve the women and men who are leaders of organizations — community organizations, financial institutions, foundations, corporations and government — engaged in community building initiatives. We also work with those who support the practice of community building through research and innovation. TCLI creates an open, candid, and energized learning community where new insights and breakthrough approaches for social change can emerge.  We provide organizational capacity building and on-site technical assistance to move emerging and established organizations to the next levels of performance, excellence, impact and sustainability. We facilitate place-based coalition and consortia development. We provide exposure to best practices, peer coaching and intensive leadership development programs that inspire current leaders and prepare the next generation to implement ideas that will revitalize communities and reinvent organizations.

TCLI translates cutting edge ideas into practical tools, and designs high quality, comprehensive professional growth experiences for practitioners.

TCLI creates program offerings that bring participants the latest knowledge, the most relevant skills and a firm grounding in fundamental concepts and values.

Our Values

At The Center for Leadership Innovation, we believe that:

  • The key to a more equitable society lies in neighborhoods and communities and the voluntary organizations that build them up.
  • A commitment to racial justice and to social and economic equity is intrinsic to any effective social change agenda.
  • Collaboration between community-based, social change organizations and the major institutions of society is not only desirable, it is achievable in the short term. Leaders of major mainstream institutions are as motivated as community leaders to ignite positive change in their communities.
  • Leadership development must be eminently useful, but we know that techniques and training geared only toward immediate practice is dangerous and short-lived without an underlying body of knowledge and a value system that frames and supports long-term innovative change.
  • A strong, supportive community is not only the path to a humane society; it is one of the best instruments of learning. Therefore, The Center for Leadership Innovation promotes a strong learning community in all of our programs.
  • Meaningful social innovation comes about with leaders who invent new approaches to solving tough social problems and who adapt innovative strategies to their own unique communities.