We design programs to spark innovation, collaboration and grow leaders.

The Center for Leadership Innovation understands that strong, innovative leaders are the key to igniting positive change in our communities.

Through our work with over 20,000 leaders across 77 cities and urban areas, we have seen time and again that the greatest chances of solving society’s most vexing social issues arise from the invention of new approaches.

We design programs to spark innovation, collaboration and grow leaders within the context of organizational stewardship and with a particular focus on developing leaders of color and women serving disadvantaged communities.

Being in a learning community with the diverse leaders I met through The Center for Leadership Innovation was incredibly empowering. It inspired me to be more courageous in my own leadership and decision making, while constantly reaching out to others to get their best ideas.

— Mike Curtin, DC Central Kitchen

Over three decades of community building and leadership development practice have taught us that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to leadership development. That’s why we continue to invest significant time and resources in working with our partners across the country to identify specific needs of leaders of community-based organizations both old and new, in communities large and small, whether rural or urban. We also know that specific issue areas or individual populations served have needs that must be addressed in a customized way in order to achieve maximum impact.

The Center for Leadership Innovation is dedicated to ensuring that the programs we offer are as unique as the leaders we develop, and as the challenges they work to overcome every day.