The Neighborhood Builders Leadership Program® (NBLP) serves the Executive Directors and Emerging Leaders of 60 organizations that are selected annually as recipients of the prestigious Neighborhood Builder® award by the Bank of America Charitable Foundation. Over the last twelve years, more than 1,600 diverse leaders from 45 US cities and London have completed the program. It is sponsored by Bank of America and conducted by The Center for Leadership Innovation, one of the nation’s premiere leadership development organizations.

The purpose of the NBLP is to increase the effectiveness of these leaders in achieving the missions of their organizations, and enhance their ability to change the world.

The executive directors attend one workshop together, and the emerging leaders two, after which the groups join each other in a culminating program. Speakers and trainers are among the most knowledgeable and experienced individuals in the US regarding their topics. These intensive programs fully engage the participants, both with the content and with each other. The workshops are held in cities across the country.

The leadership program inspired us to partner with a place-based organization to develop a multi-faceted community redevelopment plan for an impoverished neighborhood in Delaware. Together we hope to provide enriched rental housing, employment, community organizing, healthcare, and other empowering services to families with incomes below 30% of the median.

While the individual NBLP sessions are determined each year in response to the evolving context in which nonprofits work, past topics have included:

  • The Leadership Challenge (Practices of Exemplary Leadership)
  • Critical questions and strategic thinking in a fast changing business environment
  • Business planning for nonprofit organizations
  • Evaluating funding models to maximize organizational sustainability
  • Leading organizational change
  • Recruiting, managing and developing top talent
  • Successful collaboration, both within and across sectors
  • Technology strategies for building networks and fundraising
  • Managing executive leadership transitions
  • Collaborative innovation to maximize community impact
  • Field Exercise: Onsite real-time leadership cases conducted with the Executive Directors of past Neighborhood Builders

Participants also create peer-coaching groups, and engage each other in an online network to discuss opportunities and challenges in leading their organizations.

The NBLP has been independently evaluated and participants have reported the following results:

  • 90% engaged in a significant innovative endeavor designed to increase the impact and sustainability of their organization
  • 1:1 on-average leveraging of their flexible $200K award
  • 75% expanded their leadership in the social sector

The NBLP is widely acclaimed as one of the most powerful leadership development programs in the US, especially for the leaders of high-performing organizations.