Our programs have touched 20,000 urban and rural leaders who are achieving community-driven social change.

These innovative leaders have improved millions of lives by transforming neighborhoods, lifting families and children out of poverty, enabling workers to secure living-wage jobs, developing high-quality affordable housing and improving the environment. They have dramatically increased the number of inner-city high school graduates and decreased rates of teen pregnancy. Their deeply held values guide their decisions and their actions.

  • TCLI has served community leaders in over 77 cities and rural areas in the United States, and in countries throughout the world.
  • Through our partnerships with foundations and government we facilitated the delivery of over $183 million ($172 million NB; $9 million Fannie Mae Foundation; $2 million HUD) in awards and core support grants to hundreds of innovative community organizations.
  • Over 90 percent of TCLI’s alumni report having implemented an innovative approach to addressing a significant problem in their community.
  • More than 90 percent of our alumni report translating their lessons learned into fiscal success, with their organizations becoming financially stronger by the completion of the program.
  • Over 100 public and private sector funders have partnered with us to help community leaders achieve powerful results in meeting critical community needs.

We are dedicated to building a movement of diverse leaders and organizations that understand and are grounded in the communities they serve. 64% of our graduates are people of color, and 77% are people of color or women.